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About ME


Hi, my name is Claire.

I became a Piano Tutor because I want to share the pleasure and satisfaction I get from this amazing instrument with as many people as possible.


Playing the piano is about more than just hitting the right keys in the right order. It’s about conveying emotion through sound. I focus on teaching my students to listen as well as play, encouraging them to really engage with the music as well as teaching technical proficiency. I believe that if you really feel the emotion in music, practice can become a pleasure and not a chore and you’ll develop the “touch” that separates great pianists from merely competent ones.

I believe enjoyment and motivation are the keys to learning any instrument and using my methods I aim to get complete beginners playing their favourite pieces with confidence and perhaps even more importantly, feeling, within a few weeks.


If you want to find out more or book a lesson please use the contact form or call me on 07929669948