claire humphreys piano teacher

My daughter Iona has been having piano lessons with Claire for about 6 months now. We were new as a family to the area and Iona was initially nervous about starting piano with a new teacher. Claire however has such a lovely manner she immediately was able to put Iona at ease. She was interested to know what music Iona liked and has helped her consistently every week with her confidence and tackling anything she has found difficult. As a result Iona's technique has really improved. She loves to play her piano at home and it's been so nice to see how much enjoyment she has got from the lessons. I would highly recommend Claire if you are thinking of learning piano, we were very glad we found her

My Daughter has really enjoyed having her piano lessons with Claire. She was getting bored with her previous teacher and really appreciated that Claire has a thoroughly modern take on the type of music 11 year old want to learn to play

Claire asks what her pupils want to learn, the latest pop songs, film themes, whatever stirs their interest, which means that my daughter feels she is making the choices she wants and strives harder with pieces that she might not have found manageable if they were not to her liking.

If you are looking for someone to teach your child with patience, ingenuity and enthusiasm, that i can highly recommend Claire

On retirement I was looking for a piano teacher who had time for a late beginner and I was lucky enough to find Claire. She has been able to match my level of ability, is endlessly patient and encouraging but, she also sees an opportunity for challenging when appropriate. I always look forward to my piano lessons and have gained so much this year.